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Chelsea / Lori Sullivan (another angel mom )  Read >>
Chelsea / Lori Sullivan (another angel mom )
Hi Tammy I dont know if you remember me I worked with you years ago,(when you first got pregnant with the twins) at Tomorrows Hope, Lori Sullivan? I think I even went to the baby shower they had for you at work...been a long time, I had heard about Chelsea when it happened and read your story in people, what a tragic loss, I am truly sorry for your pain and heartache. I came across this website thru another little boy named Cayden-Wince Prior who had a link of these awful games and saw yours. I too have a site on here for my twin daughters Kinsey&Kylee Sullivan. Losing a child at any age is something no-one should go through, I won't say all the things like, she's in a better place or all things happen for a reason, God knows what his plan is for Chelsea and Im sure she's busy doing it. I just truly wanted to say that I am sorry and I hope that you have found comfort in this site as I have with mine, it's nice to come here and offer what we have left to offer. I wish you well and hope your family is on the right track to healing GOd Bless you, the sight is a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter, God Bless, Lori Close
Crying A Whole Lot  / Jess Sutton (Buddies)  Read >>
Crying A Whole Lot  / Jess Sutton (Buddies)
    I Miss You So Much Right Now. I've Messed A Whole Bunch Of Things Up And I Need Your Smile To Dry The Tears And Your Not There To Give It. It Seems Like Your Spiret Has Left Me Alone In This World, Not Even Fond Memories Or Dragging Out My Violin Can Lift The Strain On My Soul. Where Did You Go? Maybe You Havent Left. Maybe My Heart Is In So Much Pain I Cant Feel You Anymore. I Wish You Where Here Right Now. I'd Give Anything To Have A Hug From You Right Now. I'm So Close To Just Giving Up But I Know I Cant, So Dont Worry You Wont Be Seeing Me Anytime Soon.
    Chelce Its So Weird It Almost Feels Like My Heart Is Filled With Broken Tea Cups And If I Move Wrong They'd Kill Me. I Miss You Sweetheart So Much. I Know Your In A Better Place And Its Selfish To Think That I Need You Here But I Dont Care I Do Need You Here. I Need You Here So Badly. I Always Think Of You.
I Love You So Much Gurly!
I Miss You!!! <3  / Jessica Garcia (A Friend )  Read >>
I Miss You!!! <3  / Jessica Garcia (A Friend )

 Hey Hunn how are you!!! 
i miss you so much!!! 2 years have passed by quick!!!
u hope life ur there is great!!!
things down here for me aint so...great..
Raul has finally moved on..its really hard to understand because....i still love him =( i wish u were hear ta help me threw all these tears. i really need him in my life chels.i just want things to be the way they were! but i guess...they cant. hopefully ill find a way to let all these feelings go....but there is this guy who makes me forget about raul when ever i see or talk to him...i dnt how?? just something about him that makes my fall in love with him. i guess its the way hes smile makes all the pain go away. and how he calls me the cutest name.... like baby. or hes little princess!..haha..were just best friends....but im hopeing and praying....that..he feels tha same!!! i love u chels!!! 

you are always with me in spirit  / Close To Her   Read >>
you are always with me in spirit  / Close To Her
I had a dream about you the other night. You was smileing and saying you are ok and not to feel bad anymore. you had a beautiful white horse walking right next to you. I asked you why you were not riding the horse and you and the horse just turned and walked away. Iwanted to run after you but my feet would not move. I said please come back and you turnd and smiled and keep walking untill i couldnt see you. When i woke up it seemed so real . I want to go back to the dream so bad but it doesnt come back. i feel more at peace though after that dream but i still want the dream to come back. I wouldnt ask stupid questions like why she wasnt rideing the horse.  i miss you alot  lately .  love you . your great spirit will always be with me. Close
I miss you sweetie!!  / Cassie Valentine (Friends)  Read >>
I miss you sweetie!!  / Cassie Valentine (Friends)

Hi sweetie!!

Gosh....its already been two years since you passed away but i know your still with us everyday!! I moved back to oregon where i moved from and i'm sorry i missed your birthday!! So much has changed since you left. Everyone has parted in their different direction and everyone is becoming enemies!! I have your picture on my bathroon mirror but i guess you already know that!! I miss you sweetheart and the laughs that we had in art and walking in the halls just being dumb!! Your family misses you too and they think and prey for you everyday!! That game was so stupid and we should have never even started it our school back then!!But all knows we were just being kids, doing what each other thought was cool at the time!! I'm so sorry that you can't be here physically with us all everyday and attending that art school you were going to attend!! Anyway.....i miss you and your family misses you and all of your friends terribly miss you!! Were all thinking of you each and everyday honney and I know your looking down at us all and your spirit is with us everyday!! I miss you terribly girl and am always thinking of you!! 

Miss you Chelsea!!!

~cassie valentine~

Hello Sweetheart  / Jessica Sutton (Buds)  Read >>
Hello Sweetheart  / Jessica Sutton (Buds)

Hello Sweetheart,
It seems you were wished into being from love and the fact that we needed you, to lighten the load with the brightness of your smile. You have taught us so much, the important lessons in life. Sweetheart you taught us to love and smile even when we were in pain. We will never forget those lessons because we learned them from the pain of you being usurped from our lives. Life seems almost surreal where you are concerned and memories of times spent together are silently eerie and in black and white. Two years gone but your memory is still there reminding us to love, smile and live. And when the sun shines down upon us it warms us with the brilliance of your smile. We've learned. We miss you but it doesn’t haunt us, it fills us with a sense of serenity and peace. Your here every time we smile at a stranger, remember memories and laugh instead of cry, when we help another with their plight you smile at us. You are not a saint but a gentle soul put on this earth to teach us and we remember your lessons well. Every time we do something small to help someone as you did, we feel the slippery presence of you and we smile,
With all our love we smile.

I miss you  / Crystal Castellanos (Friends)  Read >>
I miss you  / Crystal Castellanos (Friends)

Hey Sunshine,
   I am really missing you today. I can't believe its been two years. Its gone by fast. I really wish that I could see you at school. I could  pass you on the way to class. See your new drawing. We could read funny qoutes to eachother. Pass around our "Magical Egg". Or even when we lost it and we used the fish sharpner  Well babe I just wanted to say I missed you. I still haven't found as great of a person as you always were. It hurts when I wonder why everyone can be as loving and accepting as you were. But I guess thats why you're gone. Because you really were an angel. I know that sounds cheesy but its how I really feel. And its the truth. Instead of crying I'm going to try to smile. Because of the times we had, and because I got to know you. Watch over your family. I know they miss you. 

 I love you

Condolances / Anonymous (passing by )  Read >>
Condolances / Anonymous (passing by )
I met a fawn in the clouds. She was distressed that she had left her home and family. I asked why and learned that it was related to unfinished business and the idea that all she left there were material things she’d collected. She felt that she didn’t really help anyone or do anything important. I told her she taught people about love and the preciousness of life. I could tell she had her doubts. She said she left a hole in the hearts of those who loved her. I said, “Yes, you did. That was part of the lesson.”

She said, "What will fill the hole?"

"Could be anything - hate, anger, sorrow, even madness.  Best secnario is that it's refilled with love," I said.  Close
none / Heather (Fellow Citizen of Nampa )  Read >>
none / Heather (Fellow Citizen of Nampa )
I just wanted to wish my condolences to the family.  I was a student at SHS when it happened.  Anyway, my sister was Chelsea's age . . . I am touched by your loss and have you in my prayers. Close
Missing you  / Kylie G. (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you  / Kylie G. (Friend)
I have been thinking about you a lot lately and I just happened to run across this website. I miss you soo much sweetie. A bunch of people are getting together to let off some balloons with messages for you soon. We all miss you so much, I cry everytime I think about you. Make sure to watch over Hunter, mom, dad, and Baylee, they need you the most right now. I know you must have meant a lot to god to have him take you away so soon, but it doesnt stop the tears from coming or my heart to stop acheing. I love you so much. Close
Passing by  / Cindy   Read >>
Passing by  / Cindy

I came across this web site and am feeling really bad for the family oof this sweet little girl. I know it must be really hard with christmas and all the things that go on during the holiday. I am so sorry for your loss. Stay strong.

I`m so sorry for youre loss!!!!  / Shannon   Read >>
I`m so sorry for youre loss!!!!  / Shannon

Hi!! my name is Shannon. a police officer came to my class on monday and was telling us about the choking game. i thought it was a really stupid thing to do. she was showing us a slideshow of pictures of people who have died from this activity,and it makes me sick. Chelsea was one of the children who were on that and a bunch of my friends were basiclly crying. by the sounds of all the other messages,it sounds like Chelsea was a really amazing person and im soooooooo sorry for the loss that happend to all her family and friends.

my condolences  / Krystina -. (just passing by )  Read >>
my condolences  / Krystina -. (just passing by )
hey i was jst looking up the choking game as a friend of mine has been doing it quite a lot lately .so i thought i would look up the dangers of this stupid game.and i passed by this site it breaks my herat to see such a lovely young girl has lost her life 2 this heart goes out to all her friends and family im sorry for your loss. Close
I Miss You SoOoO Much!!!  / Morgan Bahr-Bray (GoOd FrIeNd )  Read >>
I Miss You SoOoO Much!!!  / Morgan Bahr-Bray (GoOd FrIeNd )
Dear Chelsea~
Well, I moved last year... I got sick right after you passed away and didn't make it to 9th grade very often. I wish that I had remembered this site because I would have come onto it like every day if I had remembered the address. I still can't believe that you are gone!!! I miss you so much! I think about you EVERY single day. More than you know. I hope you had a GREAT birthday up there. I remembered the date and cried ALOT!!!
I Love You LOTS!!!
hey chelse  / Leeann Thornburg (best freind )  Read >>
hey chelse  / Leeann Thornburg (best freind )
hey chelsea i know i dont visit here as much as i should, but i do come on here every so often i love to look at ur pics, well we moved to colorado now, we live in a very small house but thats ok it works, vanessa is jsut days away from having her baby im soo excited were gunna come down there soon to see him, school hasnte really been that great i dont have any freinds yet but hopefully it will be better well i jsut wnated to come on here and write to you i love you and miss you and ithink about you all the time x's and o's 

always and forever
leeann Close
Hi / Christian   Read >>
Hi / Christian
HI my name is Christian and I'm from the Hutto FCCLA Chapter in Texas. I came across this site while doing research on the choking game. I'm in the process of raising awareness about the tragedys that playing the game and others like it can cause. It tends to happen more than we expect. And I would like to give you my most heartfelt aplogy. Maybe if there were more people out there awaring kids of these things, maybe this wouldnt have happened. Close
My condolences  / Passing By (Passing by )  Read >>
My condolences  / Passing By (Passing by )
I was just passing by and seen this site.  I was reading through the comments and I was in tears.  I have two daughters, aged 14 and 17.  This hits home.  I had no idea this was going on.  I had never heard of the choking game but I can tell you...i am having a little talk with my girls.   This little girl, Chelsea was obviously loved and she looks so sweet.  My deepest sympathies to you and your families and friends that have been affected.

My prayers are with you all. Close
To all  / Jess Sutton (Buds)  Read >>
To all  / Jess Sutton (Buds)
“You can shed tears that she is gone,
or you can smile because she has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back,
or you can open your eyes and see all she's left.
Your heart can be empty because you can't see her,
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember her only that she is gone,
or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what she'd want:
smile, open your eyes, love and go on.”
miss u  / Brandon Sams (just a friend )  Read >>
miss u  / Brandon Sams (just a friend )
just thinking about u and to elizabeth hoseley are u canoe Close
Hey sweet heart  / Jess Sutton (Friends)  Read >>
Hey sweet heart  / Jess Sutton (Friends)
Hey sweetheart
I miss you and i have so much to say, but i'm madly deeply for this red head you'd love him.
I cant say much now but i'll right again 
Love Always
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