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hi / Melissa Hale (was best friend )  Read >>
hi / Melissa Hale (was best friend )
i wanted to wish u a happy birthday!! i was your best friend when you were 5... Close
Happy Birthday  / Ana Lete (Neighbor/friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Ana Lete (Neighbor/friend)
 I Miss you sooooooo veeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyy much chelsea i wanted to get you a birthday present this year because i never got the chance to give you a birthday present. but today We bought a whole bunch of flowers really pretty flowers on your birthday so i am giving those flowers to you as a birthday present. Well Happy birthday Chelsea ( and Hunter)  Close
happy birthday  / Leeann Thornburg (best firend )  Read >>
happy birthday  / Leeann Thornburg (best firend )
i missed getting you a birthday present this year. but i made a plaque with a picture of me and you together on it. i hope that you are having a great birthday up there and having a big party i lvoe you more soooooooo much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and i miss you more that anything 

Love ya forever 
Leeann  Close
.:::~*~Happy Birthday..::~*~  / ***** ******** (good frineds )  Read >>
.:::~*~Happy Birthday..::~*~  / ***** ******** (good frineds )

hello chelsea happy birthday, i et your having the biggest party up there. make sure you blow out all your candles and make a wish. it was really hard today for me. it was so hard to look at hunter because everythime i did i thought of you. and i hope all of you dunns are being stong. and hunter, i know it is hard for you today.  but just  remeber we all love you and chelsea  very much


Happy Birthday  / Glenda (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Glenda (Friend)
cake-bluehappy birthday

Hope you are having a big ole birthday party in heaven...Glenda(Shawntae's Godmother/Auntie) Close
The Magic Egg! You will never know....  / Crystal Castellanos (Friends)  Read >>
The Magic Egg! You will never know....  / Crystal Castellanos (Friends)
Hey Chelsea,
  Still can't believe it. Easter passed. Happy Easter by the way. LoL. It hurts to see all these eggs. I was walking around the park and it hurt because I kept thinking "oh thats an awesome egg" and "man me and Chels could of written so many notes with that egg". Sometimes I wish that I would of broke the egg in half so I could of put in half with you and kept half for me. I miss it sometimes. But I know when I die we can write more notes in it. I still remember you handing me our "Magical Egg" in Mr. P's class. Then we would tease eachother with it. Like you would say "All powerful magic egg please forgive my stupid friend for she knows not how great you are".  LoL. Friday was really hard on all of us. I couldn't even stay at school. Like Kristy said. I just couldn't take being around all the people. Words can't ever express how much you meant to everyone and how much you affected my life. We need more people like you in the world. You never judged anyone for who they were but for what they did. You make me want to keep going when I just want to give up. You make me want to be a better person and to not judge others. You will never know how much you helped me or how good of a friend you were. I still remember when you stood up for me when I felt like I was nothing. I can not express how great of you friend you were and how thankful I am to have got to know you and to be able to call you a friend. You will never know how good I felt when I saw your smile or heard your laugh. That was one of my favorites things about you. Your smile. I have never seen a more beautiful one and I don't think I ever will. Your laugh was amazing too. I don't remember ever seeing you in a bad mood or angry. You were always so happy and full of life. Its amazing how you were just gone like that. We didn't even get to say goodbye. If only knew I would of given you a hug and wouldn't of wanted to let go. I would of told you how much you meant to everyone. I will never forget you Chels. I will always miss and love you. 
                       Love Criss Close
Its Been a Year  / Erin (Chelsea was my friend ,Ana's her close friend (neighbor) )  Read >>
Its Been a Year  / Erin (Chelsea was my friend ,Ana's her close friend (neighbor) )

Ana and i were riding back on the bus and we were talking about people we knew who died when Ana mentions it has been a year since Chelsea Dunn Died.  Ana has let me know more about how you died and in what relation she was to you.  if you are in Chelsea's family (especially her twin brother)  and/or a  really close friend I want you to know even though i didn't know chelsea I wish that every one is doing ok in her family and i really  hope that they are all well I will continue to keep Chelsea and others who have died because of the choking game in my thoughts

love erin

miss you  / Hunter Dunn (Twin brother )  Read >>
miss you  / Hunter Dunn (Twin brother )
Hey, chelsea i miss you a whol bunch and i can't belive it has been a year. a year of not seeing you. i know i will see you again many many years from now and that takes some of the hurt away but i will alway be wishing that you were right here next to me. 

i know you are looking after all of us down here and i love you more than you could ever know 

-love always and forever Hunter Close
Remembering you  / Krysti Garcia (Also played violin orchestra and was in a couple of concerts too with her. I met her a couple of times. )  Read >>
Remembering you  / Krysti Garcia (Also played violin orchestra and was in a couple of concerts too with her. I met her a couple of times. )

   It's been a year since that day and we miss you so much. Alot of people were crying when they saw a memorial of you in the Idaho Statesman today. They were crying alot and almost couldn't stop (Ariel J.). One was actually red and teary eyed all period long during guitar. Another person couldn't bare being at school and dealing with it all. 
   Everyone has been thinking of you all this last year and especially hard these past couple of weeks. We wish you were here with us, still having fun and hanging out. It would have been awesome to know you even more at IACS, but we all have our paths and destiny's which we can not ignore. 
    We miss you, everyone that knew you loved you and even those who didn't wished they did. I sent out a bulletin remembering you on myspace and sent it out to those who cared and will always care. We'll always remember your great sense of humor. We are all going to be jumping in joy when we see you again. Maybe you'll even have your own violin solo by then to play for us all on an electic violin. :-) You'll always be engraved within our hearts.
                         Love always,
                        Krysti Garcia

And for the family of Chelsea I wish a Happy Easter and Good Friday. May God bless you all and help you through these tough times. Hunter, I hope your doing good too. We miss you at IACS, you made things fun and different. Don't forget we all care about you here too.

remeber / Dont Want To Put Name (good friend )  Read >>
remeber / Dont Want To Put Name (good friend )
it has been a year now. i remeber that day like yesterday. when the bus drove by your house i saw a bunch a ambulances and police cars. i thought to myself  "Hunter already broke his arm, what did he do now." i had enver thought it would of been you! when i found otu teh news i ddint cry. i was i guess you could say in a shock.\i have never had a death of someone close to me so i didnt know how to take it. so many things have happened sinse you were gone. mky life has gone down and up hill. even though your gone now you know we all still miss you very much and wish you were here

Miss you/ Letter to family  / Crystal (Criss) Castellanos (Friends)  Read >>
Miss you/ Letter to family  / Crystal (Criss) Castellanos (Friends)

Hey Chels,
  I can't believe its been a year. I miss you so much. Me and Cassie and Ariel just broke down today at school and started to cry. Then two other people started crying and they didn't even know you. So yeah. I try so hard not to cry because I know its not going to bring you back. But I miss you sooo much. It hurts knowing that you are suppose to be here at school with us. I love you.

      Love Criss


 Dear Tammy, Joe, Hunter

 I hope you guys are doing ok. Tammy I hope you stay strong. You are a really sweet person. I always felt comfortable with you. Joe even though I only talked to you once (and thought it was Tammy LoL) you seem really nice too, thank you for taking time to talk to me on my B-Day. Hunter I hope your doing ok. I miss you. I wish all of you guys hugs. Words can't explain how much Chelsea meant to everyone. 

   Love Criss

Remembering / Grandpa Jim   Read >>
Remembering / Grandpa Jim
Chelsea - Tammy, Joe, Hunter and Boo, Roxanne and I and all the rest of your family and friends are thinking of you especially on this day that one year ago you slipped away from us for a while.  We will see the new life that spring brings and smile remembering you.   Love - Grandpa Jim Close
A poem for you sweet girl  / Auntie Laura   Read >>
A poem for you sweet girl  / Auntie Laura

A year ago today our Heavenly Father called upon your smile to kiss the sun.
The memories of you woven inside our hearts can never be undone.
We all miss and love you.  We celebrate everything you are to us.
Together again we will be someday, in God we put our trust.

missin you and luv you  / Leeann Thornburg (best friend )  Read >>
missin you and luv you  / Leeann Thornburg (best friend )
hey chelse, i m soooo sorry i dont write more on here. i miss you soooo much. vanessa is living in idaho now. and she is married to a guy named mike he is really nice you would like him a lot. and she is clean off of drugs and doing way better, and she is pregnant again everyone thinks that it is twins, but i dont knwo how they are goign to afford it. and adam is living with them you know how expensive he is he eats like 40 dollars worth of food in one day lol. but he is headin off to jobcorp like next week in oregon i hope that he gets better im prayin for him, watch over him please, he needs help bad. and no one knows waht to do to help him we all keep tryin but it seems like there is nothing to do for him but pray i guess he has to want to be helped. but anyway we are moving to colorado this year. im pretty excited i get to be with my cousins and my neices and nephew, its gunna be hard gettin into a new school though im scared, rihgt now i am doing online courses and they are sooo hard i hate em lol so i will be excited to get back into regular school. well im not sure waht else to say but that my parents are doing pretty good. my mom has been depressed but thats because of adam and brenda. well im gunna head off to bed i love you sooooo much and i miss you more than anything in the whole wide world u i will write on here more 

luv ya lots and lots and lots 
Leeann Close
missing her more soooooo much  / Someone Close   Read >>
missing her more soooooo much  / Someone Close
We thought of you today-----but that is nothing new . We thought of you yesterday and will tomorrow too.  We think of you in silence and make no outward show     For what it meant to lose you------only those who love you know .  Remembering  you is easy-----we do it every day-----Its the heartache of loseing you that will never go away.  We miss you soooooo much chels.  I wish I could see you just one more time so I could tell you how  much I love you.  You are in my heart forever.   love you                             Close
Sweet Angel  / Carla Sanchez (Family Friend )  Read >>
Sweet Angel  / Carla Sanchez (Family Friend )

you are such a beautiful angel - loved by so many.  You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. 

What a wonderful place Heaven must be to have you and Shawntae.
God could not have choosen two more perfect individuals to fullfill his kingdom.  Help give your family strength, grace, the serenity and acceptance. Close
~*~missing you~*~  / Nanamous User (good friend )  Read >>
~*~missing you~*~  / Nanamous User (good friend )
dear chelsea,
 it has been almost a year since you have been gone! time has gone by fast but the thought of you makes it go by so much slower. every now and then before i go to bed i sit and think why did you have to leave us on the wonderful planet. but then you have to think you are in a better place. and in that place you shall remain. to the dunn family: i hope you guys are doing much better, let chelsea be with you!

~*~missing you~*~  / Nanamous User (good friend )  Read >>
~*~missing you~*~  / Nanamous User (good friend )
dear chelsea,
Miss ya  / Hailey McAdams (very close friend )  Read >>
Miss ya  / Hailey McAdams (very close friend )
hi chelsea miss my wakeboarding buddy
<3 love ya
Miss u
God grant you comfort  / Passerby (heartbroken stranger )  Read >>
God grant you comfort  / Passerby (heartbroken stranger )
I happened across this memorial site by accident and was immediately heartbroken when I saw even just the dates below her name. Then I read about her tragedy, and searched the web for more information. I had never heard about this pass out or choking game before; but with Chelsea's warning loud in my heart, I went and brought my 6-year-old son to the computer and told him what I had learned of the story. We talked about this and other dangerous activities for a little bit, and he promised never to play this game, never to let his friends or his baby brother play this game. Yours has been a terrible and unfair price to pay. May God grant you comfort in knowing that the candles you light with this memorial may well be lighting the way to save other young lives. Close
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