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To the one who knows who played the game and lit the candle  / Laura Chick (aunt)
Why don't you just stop playing games.  Can't you see playing "games" has hurt enough people.  Now you hold names of kids we need to talk to like a ransom as long as they don't tell me.  You are pathetic and Chelsea would think so too.  Get off this site.  We can get all the info we need without your help...Why NOW anyway?  You are such a coward.  Why don't you e mail me and be a decent human being.  My e mail address is on here-fire away.  All I have ever asked for is the truth.  I don't think that is too much to ask for.  If you can prove me wrong in any way and what you say opens my eyes to is the whole truth and nothing but the truth and you have had this info all help you God!
A sad reminder  / Jaquelenne Haines (Friend)  Read >>
A sad reminder  / Jaquelenne Haines (Friend)
Hey there girlie. I know it's been a hot minute. I haven't kept in touch with your brother and there's so many things happening. I got married and had a baby girl. We're trying for another. But that's not what brings me here today. A good family friend has a 12 year old son who tried to hang himself recently. Bullying, stress, so much happens as kids these days. It made me think of you. I know nobody wants to remember the way someone left this world, but some of us still don't know exactly what or why it happened, and that makes it more difficult to forget. I want you to watch over my friend's son, if you can find him from Heaven. He needs a guardian angel right now, and I think you're the perfect angel for him. You were always so sweet and caring for everyone. He needs you in his life. Love and squishes. Miss you. Close
It's almost been 12 years...  / Cat White (School friend )  Read >>
It's almost been 12 years...  / Cat White (School friend )
I work at a coffee shop now and I met a customer who worked for our middle school. She did not work there when we attended, but she knew about you. They haven't forgotten you. I haven't either. I never gave and I probably never will. I still have the comics you, me and Jessica drew in home period. Hanging out with you in class and taking to you on the phone are memories that stand out to me the most when I think back to that time over ten years ago. We didn't know each other for very long. But your friendship was extremely valuable to me. You reached out to someone like me who wasn't very popular and was very awkward. That kindness of yours is something I've held close through the years. I miss you and even today I can see you're still very much loved. I hope it never fades. I have visited you in person a few times in the past. This April, I'll be sure to visit again. Close
Amazing girl  / Jessica (Friend)  Read >>
Amazing girl  / Jessica (Friend)
I think about you often... You were just in my dreams last night. You like to do that sometimes. I like seeing you though. As I am writing this I hear geese through my window. It reminds me of how you would say "I hate birds". That always cracks me up. Ugh I wish you were here. I was never that great at making friends, too shy. You are such a beautiful person. You took me in as one of your friends and I'll never forget how amazing you are. We would draw cute little comics together in advisory. You would draw one square and hand it over. I still have some. I still have your notes in the binder I used that year. I still think we would have so much in common and be really good friends. I went through tough times after you left. Now that I am older, memories of you the year I knew you were some of the best times I have had. It wasn't a long time but they mean a lot. Well I visit this site about once a year. I usually only read things. Today felt like a day to write to you. I see you absolutely loved that happiness peeing quote, everyone remembers you saying it. Lol. Although it is really cold outside, it seems like a nice day. Keep watching over everyone like you did when you were here. I love you. Close
just thought about you today so I looked you up  / Lystra Holsinger (childhood school mate )  Read >>
just thought about you today so I looked you up  / Lystra Holsinger (childhood school mate )
Last day I saw chelsea we where leaving school at east valley and it was the end of the school year and I never forgot about you growing up and every time a certain song Came on that you liked it reminded me of you and I would end up thinking about you all day and I just wanted to say I miss you and your always in my heart and I miss your smile and how kind you where to me and that you never had a mean bone in your body you are truly missed and will always live on in everyone that you ever touched in your life thank you chelsea for being such a wonderful person love you lots..... lystra Close
Missing you a lot lately  / Leeann Thornburg (Best friend )  Read >>
Missing you a lot lately  / Leeann Thornburg (Best friend )
Hey chels! I haven't been on here in a while but lately you have been coming up in conversations a lot, it's made me realize it hasn't gotten any easier to talk about. Me and my family all miss you! My niece has reached that age we were, she's 13 and watching her has made me realize how different you and I were cause her and her friends are nothing like we were, They just seem so grown up for that age and I remember us still dressing bratz dolls haha! But she does also remind me of you, she's so bright and such a good girl! And she says that when she grows up she wants to go to an art school, and the art she does reminds me exactly of the things you would draw. I'll miss you and your family and always wonder what would have been, but I know you are up there with the lord patiently waiting for him to bring us. I love you and your family! Close
A Simple Reminder  / Jewels Perry (Friend)  Read >>
A Simple Reminder  / Jewels Perry (Friend)
I was on facebook and I saw a picture of that your brother was tagged in so I went to look at it and there you were in all your beautiful glory. I realize more and more how much I wish you were still here so that we could of become even closer friends. I loved our little talks here and there and our bond we had in sixth grade for sure! I wish things would have been different. And I hope you are having so much fun in Heaven and looking down on everyone. With all my love Jewels Close
Hello / Krys Severy (Friend)  Read >>
Hello / Krys Severy (Friend)

Hi Chelsea

   I have not been to this site in ahwile maybe 5 years. It has been so long and it's strange to think we have been so long without you. I miss you so much.

    I joined the navy like I always said I would and I married a Marine. I think you would get a kick out of him. He has a great sense of humor. We are expecting a baby in Februari too. If we have a girl we have decided to name her Chelsea Lynn.

    I want you to know that I think of you all the time and I have about 50 letters I wrote you when I needed a friend. You always told me it was better to get it out. When I go home around next christmas I plan on stopping by to see you.

     When a decision comes that is so difficult to make I keep thinking that all I have to do is pick and everything will work out. I feel as though an angel is helping guide me and I hope that angel is you. I wonder if you have met my baby brother Bryan yet and Jacob. If you have tell them I love them and think of them too.

     At graduation I asked my parents to save a seat just in case you wanted to come even though I knew you were watching. I love you so much and think of what all you have taught me. I miss you and hope you receive only good things for all the good you did in this world. I know in my heart I will see you again someday and I wait for that happy moment.

                   Love Always

                            Krys Severy

Hey, Chels  / Jacky Bradely (Friend)  Read >>
Hey, Chels  / Jacky Bradely (Friend)
Hi Chelsea. I haven't said hello in a while but I've never forgotten you. I miss you. I wish you could have come to my graduation but I think you were there in spirit along with Hunter. I promise to come by more often. Love ya! Close
Miss u  / Cassie Lammey (Friend)  Read >>
Miss u  / Cassie Lammey (Friend)

Hey Chelsea just wanted to say I miss you and all the fun times we had. I think about life everyday and how different it would be if you were still here. I had a babyboy on Oktober 17 2009. He has blue eye and light brown hair. I had a super easy delivery and I wonder if u were there pushing me through it? Your still my best friend Chelsea and always will be. Still to this day I think of the quote you use to say "Happiness is like peeing ur pants everyone can see it but only u can feel its warmth." Haha I laugh everytime I think about it. I'm thinkin about dancing or cheerleading again. I miss u I love u.

Happy Birthday  / Hailey And The Rest Of The Clan (Good friend )  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Hailey And The Rest Of The Clan (Good friend )
hey Chelsea!! Happy birthday!! love and miss you lots. i hope your happy in heaven. i hear its a pretty awesome : )
anyway the entire McAdams clan misses you and wishes you were here Close
Missy you girl  / Hailey McAdams (Good friend )  Read >>
Missy you girl  / Hailey McAdams (Good friend )
Hey Chelsea there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about you. I miss those long days we would spend by the lake fishing of playing with animal figurines : ). I'm still thinking of you and always will. And I know someday i will see you again and we can do everything that we want to do...just like old times. Love and Miss you more everyday.

                                        Hailey Close
Researcher / Shaun Carland (Visitor)  Read >>
Researcher / Shaun Carland (Visitor)
Hi Chelsea
I'm currently working on a research paper on the fainting game that children play.  I just want you to know that I will do my best to make sure no one has to fall victim to this horrid fate.  After reading your stories and the comments on this page you've inspired me to keep working. 

Shaun Close
hey girl  / Becca Maiden (friend)  Read >>
hey girl  / Becca Maiden (friend)
i've been thinking about you a lot lately and all the good times we've had.  so much has changed.  i wonder every day what life would be like if you were still around.  i probably wouldn't have the prblems i have.  and i also probably wouldn't have my beautiful son lakota creed.  he has brown hair and blue eyes just like me.  i bet you'd love him.  he's 2 1/2 weeks old right now.funny thin he was concieved right arounf your bday.  :)  i miss you a lot and could use a good frend like you right now...i'm not doing so good.  i love you girly. Close
Hey! / Morgan Bahr-Bray (Friend)  Read >>
Hey! / Morgan Bahr-Bray (Friend)
Hey Chelsea
I just wanted to say "hi" and that I have been thinking about you. Hope you are enjoying yourself.  There isn't one day that goes by that you don't cross my mind.  I miss you so much!
I love you
Morgie Close
Goodbye / Sally-Heath (No relation )  Read >>
Goodbye / Sally-Heath (No relation )
I've never met you you dont know me but i work in a school and we just lost a child last Monday. He was playing this game and the scissors was too far for him to reach. he went into a coma and now he's gone. i remember when i was in high school i also played the game when i look back now im sorry i did. I hope you are happy wherever you are Chelsea i pray that you too can help from there and lean down from the stars when you see this happening to touch other children and help them realise that this is not right. No one is to blame for this Chelsea not even you or your friends. be happy young lady and when you come back in another life you'll know what not to do. who knows you just may be my best friend too. Goodbye Close
there's a first time for everything...  / Becca Maiden (friend)  Read >>
there's a first time for everything...  / Becca Maiden (friend)

its been so long since we've seen eachother.  this is the first time i've paid tribute.  i miss and love you so much.  you were such a great friend.  i hate to be graduating and not have you there.  i'm not walking the line with the rest of the class.  the way i see it, some one has to step out of the spot light for those of us who no longer have the option.

with all my love,

becca d maiden

I miss you!  / Amanda Fink (Friend)  Read >>
I miss you!  / Amanda Fink (Friend)
hey girl I haven't been on for a while and thought I would drop by. I moved back to Homedale during our sophmore year.. So many things have changed for me! I am going into the Marines as soon as I am 18, I have an amazing boyfriend, and am graduating here in a few days. I miss you a lot and have been thinking about you a lot lately. Close
4 years  / Jessica Sutton (Buddys)  Read >>
4 years  / Jessica Sutton (Buddys)
Its strange silly girl. High school is ending and you aren't here to walk the line with the graduating class. We dont get to laugh on senior skip day and do fun summer things before we all go off to college. So many things have changed chelce. Crystal is having a baby any day now. A little boy. Everyone is starting to change and become the adults they'll be in later years. We all still miss you but now there are more smiles than tears. The memories are more fond. The horror of your passing taking a back seat to the fonder memories. We are healing.
We love you baby girl and we miss you.  Close
Hey Baby Girl  / Paulena White (buddies)  Read >>
Hey Baby Girl  / Paulena White (buddies)
Hey you. It's been too long. I wanted to drop you a little something. Do you even know how much I miss you? I still have those newspaper articles like they make anything any better. I miss you way too much. I don't want to get too emotional. Just remember that I love you dear., Close
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